The reason we're not trying to cram a housing and crafting system in now is because we want every system in UXO to be polished and fun. A crafting system that isn't done well can be tedious and boring beyond belief and can cause real havoc with a game's economy if it's not very carefully balanced. Likewise, a housing system that doesn't account for high levels of character interaction and customization, or doesn't work exceptionally well within the 3D universe, can cause more problems than it solves. 現在、我々が住宅や生産システムを採用しない理由は、UXOの全てのシステムが洗練され面白いものである事を望んでいるからだ。適切な見返りの無い生産なんて退屈で仕方ないだろうし、バランスが取れていなければ経済を破壊しつくす事だろう。更に、キャラクター間でのやり取りやカスタマイズの無く3Dでは巧く動作しない住宅システムなんて、楽しみ以上の問題を抱える事になるだろう。

A lot of games seem to focus on getting a huge number of systems in by launch time, but then end up shipping with very little actual content. In other words, there may be a huge number of options as to what you *can* do in the game, but there aren't many things to actually keep you busy while you're playing. Instead of spending months in development to put in systems that may or may not work as intended, we intend to see that when UXO ships, it works well and has LOTS of content and gameplay from day one.

We've identified what we think is going to set this game apart from the rest of the MMOG crowd, such as the intuitive interface, detailed graphics, gorgeous engine, engaging combat, over-the-top spell effects, Virtue choices in quests that actually *mean* something for the development of your character, private playing areas, and a unique mix between a level-based system and an open skill system that gives you direction, but doesn't corner you into any specific role for the life of your character. Then throw in the Ascension system, the dueling system (complete with ladder rankings and in-game wagering), and Intelligent items that gain levels right along with you (and other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting)... and you have the makings of a game that is, simply put, a lot of fun.

For those players who feel that not having housing and crafting right away might make them less likely to leave UO for this game... well... that's not necessarily a bad thing! UO has had years to flesh out its systems, and it's still the best game out there by far when it comes to being able to make a permanent mark on the game world and community, such as player-run towns, unique residences and shops, player events, etc. UXO will be the best game out there for things like story-driven Virtue quests, gorgeous graphics, and real-time strategic combat, among other things. The games are very different.

As for whether or not we'll be competing more closely with UO once housing and crafting are eventually added in through an expansion... sure, we'll probably be in closer competition at that time. But as Sunsword hinted over on the boards earlier this weekend, there's more coming for UO as well - additions that will continue to capitalize on the things UO does best.

UXO and UO are both great games, and we're doing everything we can to make sure they both have plenty of room to grow.
(Designer, Ultima X:Odyssey)

参照: UXO Stratics
投稿者 Siel Dragon : 2003年08月25日 08:23

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